About Us

Naitok Kennels is a family operated kennel in Central, California. We have a small, select breeding program that emphasizes quality, health, and temperament. We strive to produce puppies with an excellence conforming to the UKC breed standard.

Our puppies are raised as part of the family. They receive individual love and attention, which give them an excellent start towards socialization. Whether it is a puppy we intend to keep, or one to be placed as someone's loving pet, they are all given the same love and attention that these special bundles of joy deserve.

We believe in breeding to produce a dog equal or better than what we already have. We carefully research the bloodline of each litter we produce to ensure the best structure and temperament possible. We do not base our litters on public demand, but on what will produce dogs that will be of the best interest to continue the highest quality of the breed.

Email: virginia@minihusky.com