Our Puppies
How We Match Puppies To Adopting Families


Our dogs are very special to us, and we try hard to place them in loving permanent homes that have taken the time to be well educated about all aspects of the breed.  We try to match each puppy by personality, as well as the other preferences that the new owner may have.  If two prospective owners have the same desires in any given puppy, then the person who has been on the waiting list the longest will have first right to the puppy.  We also reserve the right to refuse a sale if we are uncomfortable with a particular home.  We insist that our puppies are placed in a secure, loving environment that will provide a long fulfilling relationship for the puppy as well as its human family.  If for any reason our puppy is unable to be kept by its owners, we require that the puppy/dog be returned to us.

If you are interested in pursuing a puppy from us, then the first step is to fill out a questionnaire.  After we have reviewed and approved it, then you will be sent a deposit contract that will need to be returned with the deposit so that you may be placed on the waiting list.  The order that the deposits are received will determine your place on the list. No one will take a higher priority over anyone else.  Sometimes people that are on the waiting list may want a particular size, coat or eye color, etc. that they are willing to wait patiently for.   This means that even if you are farther down the list, you may not have a vary long wait for a puppy.  On occasion, the newest on my list have been able to purchase a puppy with a very short wait.  This is why it is impossible to give anyone an accurate answer on the length of wait that you may have.